Giving Children Opportunities to Play, Learn and Dance!

Nailey Soto in her dance costume

Even the older girls got into the dance spirit.We were recently contacted by a non-profit organization called Traveling Tutus.  They donate gently used ballet costumes, tap shoes and ballet shoes to underprivileged children.  We gave them sizes and favorite colors for the girls at Dorie’s Promise. They sent us back dance costumes and shoes for every girl at our home. Shortly after we sent Traveling Tutus our information we also received some donations for dance classes for the girls. One of the donors told us she was “so excited for the children to have this activity.”

Another donor sent us this note: “I know the little girls will be so thrilled with the costumes and shoes. We are blessed to be a part of this work at Dories.”

Childhood is a stage when we create in our minds fantasies and ideals, of what we would like to do and be, most children develop their talents according to their abilities and interests. It is a time for exploration and wonder.

However, most of the children who come to our home come from a hostile environment where parents spend all of their time and energy just trying to put food on the table. For many families in Guatemala, the first and the only interest of parents is to bring food home, there is no time for the children to play, or go to school. It’s a hard lifestyle where children mature faster and childhood barely exists.

Ana showing off her dance costume.Life at Dorie’s Promise is so much different. Besides the opportunities to play and receive an education we want to help our children to discover what they like to do, experimenting in different areas where they can develop their skills.

The Dorie’s Promise education program, in addition to facilitating schooling and offering homework tutoring, includes also offers the children different activities such as: tennis, ballet and karate lessons. This has been achieved due the support of many different people, like those who donated for the dance classes. The added donations from Traveling Tutus, the girls are even more excited to explore the opportunities to learn to dance.

We are delighted to see them happy, pursuing their dreams, and overcoming personal challenges and their own limitations. Each one of our children was created for a purpose. God gave us the gift of life and He sent his son, Jesus, that we all could have life and have it to the full (John 10:10.)

We have witnessed the changes in each child’s life. The work that Forever Changed is doing through all children lives has a meaning. Everyone participating in that work from our directors, staff, special mothers, drivers, mission trippers, sponsors and donors – each one has contributed to lives changed!

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