Fun Updates from our June 2021 Birthday Kids

Fun Updates from our June 2021 Birthday Kids

Last month, we celebrated 4 more special birthday kids at Dorie’s Promise—Aron, Isaias, Merari, and Yohana. Here are some fun updates about each child.

🎂 Aron

Aron during "Chef's Day" at Dorie's Promise

What is his favorite thing about Dorie’s Promise? Aron loves to play in the backyard with all the other kids.

What does he enjoy doing for fun? He is a great cartoonist, spending lots of time drawing his favorite superheroes.

What is his favorite activity in school this year? So far, his 2 favorite activities are learning English and believe it or not, Math class.

From our staff, how does he make you laugh? Aron is the jokester of our home. He is always telling jokes and being silly just to make all of us laugh.

🎂 Isaias

Isaias at Dorie's Promise

What is he learning in school this year? Isaias is learning to read and write this year which is exciting!

What is his favorite activity in school so far? He’s definitely a little boy. His favorite activities seem to be anything where there is a remote chance to stain his hands different colors—paints, markers, almost anything.

What does he like to do for fun? His favorite activity is playing outside with his siblings—Sofia and Sebastian. They a super cute trio.

From our staff, what is the funniest thing about Isaias? Even though he is a shy boy, he loves to dance and is never shy about showing off his dance moves.

🎂 Merari

Merari at Dorie's Promise

What’s her favorite activity in school this year? Merari loves to do experiments in class with Ulices and Lester. She enjoys learning this way.

What is her favorite thing to do for fun? She likes to swim and cook, but her absolute favorite thing to do is dance. Sometimes, she even choreographs dances for the other girls so they can join in.

What does she want to be when she grows up? Merari wants to be a pastry chef which is funny because although she doesn’t really like to eat sweets, she loves to cook them.

From our staff, how does she make you proud? She strongly believes and has faith that one day she and Yire will have a family. This is her greatest desire and she doesn’t doubt it will happen.

🎂 Yohana

Yohana with a stuffed giraffe

What’s her favorite activity right now? She loves to read. In fact, Blue Jeans (yes, that’s his pen name) is her favorite author.

What is she learning in school? Yohana is most interested in world history this year. She loves learning historical facts and connecting them to her influence on the world now.

What is she most proud of about herself? She is very proud of how well she does in school. Her grades reflect the hard work she does in class and at home.

From our staff, how does she make you laugh? We think it’s cute watching Yohana try to take care of her younger brothers. She wants to be the best big sister, but sometimes they act like rebellious little brothers.

Happy Birthday Aron, Isaias, Merari, and Yohana!

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