Education is Part of a Life-Changing Experience

Our teacher helps a student with his writing.

By MJ Zelya –

Our teacher with several of the older grils from Dorie's Promise.God has blessed us with having had more than 200 children in our preschool classroom throughout the years. We give them the opportunity for not only education, but the chance to experience positive attention from teachers as well. At Dorie’s Promise, we try to educate our own children with love, understanding, tolerance, and logic. We try to make children happy while they are learning.

Our children typically start preschool at three years old; some of them at a later age because they entered Dorie’s Promise without any other schooling. In that case, we adjust their schedules so that all children can learn at the level they are currently at.

Lucky Perez started at Dorie’s Promise as a Special Mother and has been the teacher since April of this year.

She also teaches the four- to 12-year-old kids who come to Dorie’s Promise without any schooling, supports the other children with homework help, and works with the teens who are doing distance school.

“It was very difficult for me to get used to all the different needs of each system of school,” says Lucky. “It was a challenge for me. As I met more of the kids and they received support/tutoring with homework or activities at school, I have seen the fruits of the work. I like being a part of their lives. It’s rewarding seeing them happy and fulfilled in school activities.”

Teaching basic skills and helping with homework.The children of Dorie’s Promise need to feel loved and supported in school. As they do, they excel. Their skills improve, and their schools even offer their congratulations on the way we take care of the children. In addition, we love the way El Shaddai, the private school most of our children attend, takes such good care of them.

“For as much as I’ve used my knowledge to help their lives, they contribute in a special way to my own life. They have taught me to listen more and to see life in a new light,” Lucky continues.

“A story that filled me with great joy was one time at the science fair. All our children had to attend with costumes as scientists. I think just getting one costume is difficult, but six kids was a bit tricky — thankfully not impossible. With the materials we had on-hand to complete all the costumes, they were happy … but none of us ever imagined that the teachers and the other students would be so surprised and excited to see everyone dressed up. It was indescribable to see their happy faces — and that fills me with satisfaction.

It’s exciting to know that our children receive such personalized attention in their education. That, in addition to the opportunity to attend private school, means many of our children are preparing for the future — a different, better future than they would have had without Dorie’s Promise … and without the help of supporters like you.


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    God´s blessing over you in your duty for Christ to helping the peoples to find salvation in Christ and really life in peace and joy and alot exciting the word among us in the HOly Spirit with us in Jesus name,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

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