Celebrating Our September Birthday Boy

Celebrating Our September Birthday Boy

Last month’s birthday party was a little different. Believe it or not, Sebastian is our only child with a September birthday. 🎂 Much to his delight, our whole party was dedicated to celebrating our silly birthday boy.

A Paw Patrol Birthday

Sebastian's Birthday at Dorie's Promise

What happens when a 3-year-old little boy gets to pick the party? Paw Patrol happens.

Having only one birthday in a month is a rarity for us. It was fun to do something different, especially for one of our silly little boys. Since the party was all about Sebastian and he loves Paw Patrol, he got a Paw Patrol cake.

If you look at our pictures, you’ll notice how much he loved his cake. Before we could snap a pic, he had icing on his face. He said it was pretty delicious and we can’t blame him, who doesn’t love cake?

He had a blast sharing with our kids and Special Mothers. What a fun afternoon.

A Little Shy and a Lot Silly – Sebastian

Sebastian is a little shy meeting new people but when he gets close to you there’s no way to stop him from talking. He loves sharing about all his favorite things and doing fun little games. You’ll also immediately notice his big, bright smile.

Sebastian enjoying a meal at Dorie's Promise

Thanks to his big imagination, he loves to play around with everything in his reach. When he’s not dreaming up new games, he and Santiago are almost always on the go. No matter how big you are, he is not afraid to challenge you for a race. Outside, toy cars and scooters are his favorites since he can drive them all around. He’s much faster with a set of wheels.

Although he’s not in school yet, he seems very excited to learn more and more things, especially if he can be creative. Dancing, painting–he is ready for whatever comes his way. He may not say much but he has so many cool ideas. We can´t wait to see what happens when he starts preschool.

Sebastian is our sweet, cartoon-loving little boy. He brings fun and cuteness to our home, especially when he teams up with Santiago to make mischief. We can’t help but love our little boy with the big smile and awesome hugs.

We’re so thankful to have Sebastian and his older siblings Sofia and Isaias with us. He’s the little brother we needed in our home. Your support of Dorie’s Promise gives foster children like Sebastian, Sofia, and Isaias a loving home as their case moves through the court system. Please consider giving a special gift today in honor of Sebastian’s birthday.  

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