Birthday Updates and Blessings from Dorie’s Promise—March 2020

Birthday Updates and Blessings from Dorie’s Promise—March 2020

Here’s a peek inside last month’s birthday bash and updates about our birthday kids.

After celebrating a lot of birthdays in February, we used all of our energy to celebrate 2 very special kids in March—Ailyn and Alex.

Ailyn🎂 Ailyn

Two years ago, Ailyn and her siblings joined our family at Dorie’s Promise as foster children. She’s the middle child, between older brother Aron and younger sister Daniela. Ailyn is always smiling and laughing. She fits right in with the other little girls in our home. It’s hard to find words to describe how loving and kind this little girl is. We’re so thankful to have her in our lives. In January, she started kindergarten through our local school and in attending virtually. Luckily, she has a few friends here at home who also attend the same school.  You can find more great pictures of Ailyn on our social media.

From our staff, “For our sweet Ailyn, we want to wish you all the best. May God bless your every step. We love you very much.”

Happy 6th Birthday Ailyn!

Alex🎂 Alex

Alex and his siblings, older sister Yohana and younger brother Elvis, have been with us for several years. This year, he’s part of our homeschool program at Dorie’s Promise. The change of schooling has been great so far and he loves working directly with Miss Heidy on his classwork. Plus, he has more time for activities he loves like drawing and more time to spend with his siblings. We think he’s going to have a great fifth-grade year.

From our staff, “We want your life to be filled with the love of God and hope you achieve each of your desires. We love you and we thank God for you.”

Happy 12th Birthday Alex!

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