Birthday Updates and Blessings from Dorie’s Promise – April 2020

Birthday Updates and Blessings from Dorie’s Promise – April 2020

The last Friday of each month we have a big party at Dorie’s Promise. Balloons and streamers hang from the pergola in our backyard. Our kids fill the tables. We sing. We eat cake. Most importantly, we celebrate birthdays together as one big family. Today, we’re sending you birthday updates and blessings from Dorie’s Promise.

Thankfully, our family birthday parties have continued with only a few small changes. Normally, our whole staff celebrates with the kids. Due to our current travel restrictions, most of our staff has to leave for home mid-afternoon. So for now, we party with as many as possible in the evenings after our school work and school week are finished.

In April, we celebrated Daniela, Flor, Mario, and Yire.


Our sweet Daniela just turned 3. Along with her brother and sister, she has been with us as a foster child for the last year. She loves teddy bears, pancakes, playing with her siblings, and jumping. You’ll notice she’s the silly one who’s always smiling in pictures.

From our staff, “Daniela, you are a very pretty girl. You show your love and joy to everyone at Dorie’s Promise every day.”


Flor celebrated a very special birthday this year—15 years old. We enjoyed a special summer party to celebrate her special day, complete with a meal prepared by our older children. Once it’s safe to host friends again, we’ll have the quinceanera of her dreams and be sure to share photos. In the meantime, she’s working hard on her artwork, filling our home with beautiful paintings and drawings.

From our staff, “Flor, you are a girl full of love and the grace of God. Continue being that beautiful young lady. We all love you.”


Believe it or not, our precious Mario, who came to us just shy of 4 months old has turned 8 years old! We never know how long children will be with us, but watching him grow up has been such a pleasure. Right now, he is obsessed with the color red—coloring and painting in red, red toys, wearing red clothes, anything and everything red. He’s also become quite the dancer and would dance all day if we didn’t make him do homework and eat.

From our staff, “Mario, you are a very intelligent boy. Your life is a blessing from God for all of us.”


Yire, our super studious outgoing boy just hit double digits—10 years old! And as any astute, 10-year-old would do, he’s starting to care about his image and scheduling. Yire really wanted new shoes and a watch for his birthday to look good, go fast, and be on time. His party may have been a little different, but he was really glad they could all celebrate together.

From our staff, “Yire, you are a light in our lives. Continue being a happy and loving boy. You are amazing!”

Even as we face difficult situations all around us, we’re still here creating a home where children feel loved, have a family, and have fun. Our children need you.

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