A New School in Palencia: Built by Our Missions Teams!

The kids in their new school.

By FCI Team –

The kids meeting in a neighbors garage previously.

The kids meeting in a neighbors garage previously.

Dorie’s Promise is making history! Thanks to numerous mission teams that helped us throughout the summer, we are close to completing a new school in Palencia, about an hour from Guatemala City.

Thanks to volunteer labor from our missionaries, we will be able to build the school for just over $11,000. That is less money than the average school construction project.

The building contains three classrooms and three bathrooms, and will accommodate about 80 students in the elementary and middle school grades.

It has been a blessing to be part of this project and amazing to see how many people joined in the cause and helped put the pieces of the puzzle together, says Director Alejandra Diaz.

“At the beginning it was just a project—a dream from the community and us,” she says. “But now it is a reality. The children have a new school and a place to learn. I am sure they are already enjoying that!

Students excited about their new school.“We thank God for the opportunity that He gave us to bless more children. Thanks also to all the people who donate to Forever Changed so that we can change lives.”

“This is truly an historic occasion,” says founder Heather Radu. “At first, I was afraid it might end up as a nice idea that caught sidetracked by all the logistical challenges of building a school so far from Guatemala City. But I should have never doubted God’s ability to provide and work through the hands of His people.”

Eight teams participated in the project, each working a day or two per week during their summer mission trips.

Located in a poor community known as El Trapichito, in the past students had to go to another community to attend school. Prior to that, their classes met under a tree.

The students haven’t been able to move in yet because the bathrooms still have to be installed. However, completion is expected by the time the 2016 school year begins in January.

The schol buildingMissions Director Pablo Villagran says God has helped every step of the way. Many believed in this project, giving not just financially, but with their heart and efforts as well, to make this happen.

“I am so thankful for everyone who allowed God to use them to bless others,” Pablo says. “This is a big event.”

For those who wish to help, teams and donations are still needed to complete the three bathrooms, which each need a toilet. Add “school project” in the notes section when you make a donation. Or contact us to find out how you can help.

Without God’s grace and helped we wouldn’t have gotten this far, Pablo says: “We believed that God would provide for the forgotten children of Guatemala and He did. He gets the glory and the honor for this great accomplishment.”

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