We Love Our Prayer Team

We Love Our Prayer Team

Jennifer says her prayers.

Our prayer team is an important part of our ministry, and the best part is that you can get involved with it now matter where you are. If you are not a part of the prayer team we invite you to join today. Each month we send out an email update letting you know the latest prayers and praises from our home. We’ve seen God move time and time again through your prayers. To our faithful friends we say “Thank you! God continues to bless us through your ministry in prayer.

Not on the prayer team yet? Here is what we are praying for this month:

  • Continue to pray for the health of both Dulce and Mario. They have lots of ups and downs and struggles. Pray for healing and for well being to be the new normal in their lives.
  • Pray for Nayeli Lux, that her adoption process would come to an end soon, and she can be reunited soon with her adoptive family. This situation being drawn out for so long has been affecting her emotionally and in her school work.*
  • Pray for the children in our home who are eligible for adoption to families in Guatemala. Maybe yearn to be part of a forever family. Ask God to place them with the right family.
  • Continue praying for Silvia, for her behavior, she is still having difficulties and is very impulsive in her behavior. She also wants to be adopted by a family.
  • Pray for new siblings Emely and Joseline for their emotional, psychological stability. That the Lord would be heal their heart and they can forgive what they have suffered.
  • Continue to pray for Nayeli Soto, that her case would move forward and she can belong to a family.
  • Pray for Alejandra, who has been having difficulties with her language development. Her language is behind for her age. Pray that she would catch up in this area.
  • Also pray for Yire this year has been tough for him in school, please pray for his behavior while at school.

*International adoptions for Guatemala closed in 2008