How do I apply for a trip?

Please complete our inquiry form and one of our staff members will contact you within the next 24 -48 hours to discuss open trip dates as well as the process to apply.

What is the trip cost and what does that include?

The trip fee payable to Forever Changed International is $1,175 for a 7-day/6-night trip including all meals, in-country transportation, and housing. Airfare to Guatemala City from your home airport is an additional fee beyond the FCI trip fee. You are responsible for booking your airfare.

What is the payment schedule?

$375 deposit due with application
$800 due 30 days prior to travel

What is the minimum age of participants?

Dorie’s Promise is open to individuals of all ages. Our teams are quite often filled with teens and adults, but we welcome families who desire to serve together as well. We are available to discuss our programs with you to help determine if your children are ready to visit Guatemala.

Are background checks required?

Yes. When you apply for participation on a trip with Forever Changed International, you will also consent to have a background check. The safety of our children, staff, and trip participants is a high priority—we require all participants to adhere to this policy. If you do not pass a background check your deposit will be refunded.

Do I have to be part of a large team to go on a Mission Trip?

No, we have set up Individual/small group weeks throughout the year.  Participating with us during these weeks is a great way to meet new people from all over the United States and Canada. INQUIRE NOW to find out more about our opportunities for individuals and small groups to serve with us.

I am a team leader; how much notice is necessary to book my team to travel during the summer months?

Summer is the busiest time for our program. If you are interested in traveling during the summer months we recommend that you begin building your team at least six to twelve months in advance of your proposed date of travel.


We offer space for teams that have a minimum of 20 participants June through August.  In order to reserve your team’s week an application/deposit is required for all twenty participants at time of booking.  We recommend that you have your teams all apply and pay their deposits on the same day in order to assure you get the week you are looking at.  To find out more about what weeks are currently available INQUIRE NOW

If I am an individual wanting to travel during the summer is there a week specifically for me?

Yes, although most of the summer is dedicated to large groups, we do have 2-3 weeks set up each summer specifically for individuals and small groups

What types of groups participants have traveled with you on a Mission Trip?

Church, youth, ladies, community and men’s groups, families, and individuals have been serving with us for over 10 years

Is Guatemala safe for travel?

Forever Changed International takes precautions to make sure you are safe during your stay with us. Our dedicated trip staff in Guatemala stays aware of all political and social situations in the areas where we work. We also work exclusively in communities where we have longstanding relationships and feel safe. We never send teams into situations that will put their safety at risk. Additionally, we do not allow trip participants to travel outside our community alone. From the time you exit the airport you are accompanied by our staff—they are responsible for all of your travel within Guatemala as well. Our orphan care home as well as your accommodations are in a private, gated community with private security. During our daily trips we also have security who accompany us.

Do I need vaccinations to travel to Guatemala?

The Center for Disease Control does not require vaccinations for travel to Guatemala. We do recommend that you consult your personal physician and be up-to-date on standard vaccinations.