The Search for Significance

The Search for Significance

By Heather Radu-

“The Search for Significance.” Besides the title of a best-selling book, I believe within every human heart lies an innate desire to achieve significance.

When it comes to reaching that goal, I believe there is no better way than taking a mission trip to Dorie’s Promise.

“God has placed the nation of Guatemala in our hearts,” says Heather Barnes, whose first trip inspired her and her husband to adopt a son from our orphanage. “Now we know we know it was more than just adopting our son. It was about our lives being forever changed by the people of Guatemala.”

With many churches and other groups now planning for summer trips, it is a good time to consider coming. We have designed trips to allow team members to build relationships with children here and in surrounding communities.

Children are always excited to meet visitors. To facilitate one-on-one bonds, we pair each of them with a mission team member—a match we hope will lead them to becoming friends forever.

In the community, you will meet some of the most impoverished people anywhere. They live on, or near, garbage dumps and fashion homes from cardboard and tin. The many people we serve eagerly await the teams that bring Christ’s love and provide basic necessities. Items that seem ordinary to many Americans, like soap and a pair of shoes, can brighten the eyes of a five-year-old boy more than you can imagine.

Don’t take my word for it, though. In addition to Heather Barnes, listen to others whose lives have been changed by the significant work going on here.

Alexandra Graziano says her time at Dorie’s Promise taught her and other members of her team about the importance of reaching out.

“Seeing how deeply the Special Mothers loved the children was beautiful,” Alexandra says. “To be a part of that ministry was an unforgettable experience. It challenged each of us to step outside our comfort zone and embrace this new world.”

Carolyn Emmert, who lives in a small Kentucky town, came twice in 2009—the second time bringing her nine-year-old granddaughter.

“Every time I go to Dorie’s Promise I come home happy about the wonderful work that happens there every day,” Carolyn says. “I feel incredibly blessed to have been there and experienced the loving people there.”

Henry Bond says his week here gave him the opportunity to yield his self-centered lifestyle.

“I don’t think I would be the same person I am today had I not taken a risk and traveled to Guatemala in order to volunteer at Dorie’s Promise,” he says.

Want to join Henry in satisfying that inner search for meaning in life? More information is available on the “missions” tab, or you can contact me via email.