The Prayer Team

The Prayer Team


By Pablo Villagran

We have seen an increased spiritual awareness and sensitivity among the staff members and children at Dorie’s Promise in recent months. While I see several factors at work in this progress, I believe one key has been a renewal of prayer on our behalf.

Thanks to prayer team coordinator Chessa Ross of Huntington, West Virginia, nearly 40 people have enlisted in this effort since it resumed in June.

I supply Chessa with updated information regularly, which she uses to compose an e-mail of prayer requests and praises about every two weeks.

FCI 100212 Lost (343)For example, the most recent e-mail asked for supporters to pray for: 1) new children who come as a result of violence or drug and alcohol abuse at home, 2) the children’s education, 3) founder Heather Radu, and 4) leaders of the mission program and the staff at Dorie’s Promise.

Other messages have asked for prayer for the Special Mothers who care for the children and offered praises for such progress as the kids making great strides toward emotional stability and for the support incoming children receive.

Since this effort is relatively new, many requests are still “developing,” but here are some answers we have already seen:

  • As noted in our story of the week Sept. 12, we saw a great effort this summer with mission trip visitors and staff, and have welcomed half a dozen new children to the orphanage.
  • We have seen several children get adopted and get to go home this summer.
  • We have seen the prayer team steadily grow over the summer, which has been encouraging. I believe that God will use this team and listen to their prayers in a significant way.

Director Alejandra Diaz says that even though she can’t meet all the people who are praying constantly for this ministry, she can feel their support on a daily basis.

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Many things wouldn’t be possible without their prayers. Without this support, many doors would remain closed, she says.

“Every day we see little miracles take place at Dorie’s Promise,” Alejandra says. “We also see miracles occur among the mission teams. We are regularly amazed by the clear evidence we see of God’s hand at work in our lives and how He has everything under control.

“Since not everyone who prays for us signs up for the prayer team, we cannot imagine the total number of people who are praying for us. However, what we certainly can do is thank God for each one of them, and their commitment to support us where we need it the most.”

“We have seen great things happening at Dorie’s Promise,” Chessa adds. “God definitely hears everyone’s prayers!”

If you would like to be a part of this vital effort, Sign Up Here!