The Joy of Giving

The Joy of Giving

By Desi Stephens-

In addition to mission teams, other volunteers from the States join us for several weeks in the summer, bringing additional enrichment to our work.

This year we are blessed to have three women offering their talents—including one who came from a similar background. Erin Jenkinson, a 19-year-old student from Burton, Michigan, is a student at Grand Valley State University. She plans to become a physician’s assistant.

“I feel a special connection with orphans and the children in foster care, because I was once there myself,” Erin says.

“My passion is being with children and helping them in whatever way I can. So about a year ago when the opportunity presented itself to come on a mission trip to Guatemala to work specifically with orphans, I jumped at the chance.”

Fortunately, the Lord enabled her to return this year for a longer stay. She has enjoyed working alongside the staff, with the kids, and with mission groups. She calls volunteering “fun and fulfilling,” allowing her to experience diverse and new opportunities.

Kaley Kindred of Illinois has one more year left at Saint Francis School of Nursing in Peoria.

She comes from a large family of six children. Three of her sisters are adopted; two come from Guatemala. Through those adoptions God placed a passion in her heart for orphans, especially those from this country.

“I love being able to remind these precious children that they are loved by not only us, but also by Jesus,” says Kaley, 22, who has worked with mission groups, led children’s activities and helped with other tasks.

“I feel so blessed that God has given me the chance to serve in this orphanage. Dorie’s Promise is giving these kids love, food, an education, and the hope of Christ, and I love being able to be a part of it.”

Erin Rosemond of Texas is working as a teacher in Guatemala and wanted to volunteer during her summer break. When Erin, age 30, saw a Forever Changed sticker on our van, she looked us up on the Internet and then became a volunteer.

“Just meeting the kids made me decide this was how I wanted to spend my summer break,” Erin says. “I didn’t just want to be with the kids at Dorie’s Promise. I wanted to work with them and help them grow.”

She oversees boys and girls ages 2 and 3, helping them learn shapes, colors, numbers and letters, as well as leading gym classes and arts and crafts activities.

“We have a lot of fun in the classroom,” Erin says.

And the staff has a lot of fun watching our children blossom thanks to the care and devotion offered by people who volunteer simply for the joy of giving.