The Importance of Mission Teams

The Importance of Mission Teams


For the past five years, we have been working with mission teams that come to our home and help us, not only with the children, but with outreach projects in our community as well. We believe that this program has the potential to change the lives of the children who live with us while building a better community, a better country, to eradicate — for good — the very life that puts those kids on the streets in the first place.

Many teams have worked with us this summer, and we thank them all for their help!

So that we can continue to make a deep impact, we have to continue with this mission. We are currently working on rebuilding homes in vulnerable areas. We have projects planned to provide those in the ghettos with simple things like cement floors, ceilings, pilas (a kind of sink), toilets, and beds. By meeting their practical needs, it opens doors to meet spiritual needs. The goal of these projects is to be the hands and feet of the Gospel — sharing the Good News and hope in Jesus Christ, praying with people, and restoring broken lives.

This is the heart of missions.

And we need people who have the same heart to help us with these projects. We promise you that you won’t go back empty-handed. The lives you touch actually touch you in return — it is incredible to see it happen. By helping people in need, you are Forever Changed.

Talk with your friends, talk to your parents, talk to your pastors — be part of an unforgettable trip where you can help a child in our home, a person in the ghetto, a kid from another orphanage … and witness how God works through you and through them.

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