The Driver… and More…

The Driver… and More…

Abel the Driver

By Alej Diaz

Let’s introduce you to one of the “rocks” of our team in Guatemala.  His name is Abel.

Abel works in the background of our home making sure our children get to school, that the groceries are bought, the errands are run, and that our mission teams get to where they need to go.

Abel came to work at Dorie’s Promise in 2005 and since that day his life was touched and forever changed.

He is the father of two boys.  He and his wife are very committed to Forever Changed International and our work at Dorie’s Promise.  They are always ready to give and serve.  It doesn’t matter the time of day, night, or weekend, Abel will drop everything and come to help.  He says this is a great testament to his wife’s love of the work at Dorie’s Promise.

You will always see Able around Dorie’s Promise with his great smile, singing, and sharing with people.  He will never say no if you ask for a favor, and he loves to spend time with our children.  They call him “Papa Abel.”

Abel knows his job is much more than just driving.  His role is to make our children and everyone in his care feel safe and that they are in good hands.

Where does his passion come from?

Abel lived a difficult life.  As a child he grew up without a father around.  If you ask him why he works at Dorie’s Promise, he will tell you, “I have the opportunity to give love and and be a positive male influence for all of these children.  I try to give them a little of what I always wanted as a child.”

Abel asked us to pass on this message, “Thank you for all your love and support for the children at Dorie’s Promise.  You are giving them a special and blessed life.  My life has been forever changed because of my opportunity to be involved here.”