The 50% Club

The 50% Club

Mario – 50% Sponsored

Sandi – 50% Sponsored

By Arwen McGilvra –

Many friends of our ministry donate to us throughout the year. It’s gifts like these combined with sponsorships that allow us to run our program. However, sometimes we still ask, “Will Dorie’s Promise receive enough additional support this month to meet all of our fixed expenses?

By funding our home 100% through sponsorship, we can be certain that our monthly obligations to care for our children will be met. If we can reach our 100% goal, not only can we be assured in meeting our obligations, we will also be able to expand our ministry to serve even more children!

Sponsors are more than donors – they are part of our team!

We have four children in our home currently at or below 50% sponsored. While our ultimate goal is to have all the children 100% sponsored, we’d love to get these little ones over the 50% hump.

Dulce – Born premature, Dulce is a precious baby girl who has struggled with health issues. Doc has kept a close eye on her growth, and her special mother Myriam prays regularly for her. She is gaining weight, and we have seen improvement in her as she’s learned to babble and move around.

Sandi – A quiet baby who enjoys it when visitors come to her crib. She has a beautiful wide smile and a patient attitude. Which will be helpful as she learns to walk and begins to explore the world around her.

Mario – A tender baby boy whose smile will steal your heart. Premature and abandoned at the hospital by his mother, he has done well at our home.

Valentina – She came to us from the hospital after being left on the streets. She had been a very sick little baby suffering from pneumonia. Because of the love and care she’s had at our home, Valentina has stabilized.