Taylor Potts

Taylor Potts

By Pablo Villagran-

First of two parts

Taylor Potts enjoyed her three previous visits to Dorie’s Promise so much that she is spending the month of June with us.

“I’m basically pitching in and helping wherever I’m needed,” says Taylor, who comes from Durand, a small farming community in central Michigan.

She has helped the girls in the office, as well as assisting the Special Mothers in preparing meals, cleaning and providing the children a nice home. However, she has spent most of her time with the kids after school.

“With the little Spanish I know, I have helped them with homework,” Taylor says. “We also have played together, helping them release all that pent-up energy they had to hold in during the day.”

In addition, she has worked alongside the mission teams who are a fixture here in the summer. Taylor has the benefit of prior experience, having been here in July of 2010 and July of 2011.

She also visited Dorie’s Promise at the end of last year, when she got here in time to see New Year’s Eve fireworks and enjoy a party with the older children.

In recent weeks, Taylor has tried to be an example of how to interact comfortably with the kids and Special Mothers. During her third week some leaders from her previous trips brought a large group here, which allowed her to see some familiar faces.

“Basically, I’m content doing whatever is needed of me,” says Taylor, who felt attracted to Guatemala because a few close friends have adopted children from the country. “My own brother was adopted, so that has always been close to my heart.”

Her first visit to Guatemala City came because her congregation, Central Church of the Nazarene, organized a trip.

She is glad she signed up for the journey, saying after forming relationships with the kids, Special Mothers and other staff members that she wanted to return so she could maintain those relationships.

Although sometimes experiencing difficulties raising funds, God has always provided the financial means. This reassures Taylor this is something she is supposed to do.

Plus, once she met the children not only did she fall in love with them, she missed them when they were apart, Taylor says.

“Coming back again and again helps me to show these children I love them,” says the Taylor University student. “I get blessed with the opportunity to see them grow, or get adopted, and see the wonderful ways God takes care of everyone in His family.”

A social work major who hopes to graduate in 2014, even though she doesn’t expect to become a fulltime missionary Taylor thinks she can put the lessons she has learned on her visits to good use.

“I would love to work for a non-profit some day, even overseas,” she says. “I also want to continue serving others, loving them and forming relationships with them. I think that social work is a great way to life a life of service.”