Summer Mission Trippers were a Blessing

Summer Mission Trippers were a Blessing


By Pablo Villagran- 

New plants in our backyard, smoother-running vehicles, and better-organized storage areas are signs of the blessings summer mission teams brought to Dorie’s Promise this year.

Sixteen teams visited us between mid-May and the end of August, ranging from a single visitor from Virginia to a 22-member group from Indiana.

Besides new plants, teams also helped clean and upgrade our garden. One group of volunteers handled vehicle repairs and maintenance, while others organized storage areas. A number of teams painted the houses on our property and donated money to help renovate our school room (what an answer to prayer!).


These missionaries also fanned out into the community, helping those in need while boosting our standing with local residents. Their work included:

  • Installing several pilas (water stations) in the ghetto.
  • Pouring cement floors in four houses
  • Building three homes.
  • Delivering many donations to poor communities in Guatemala City.

These projects also touched those who participated in them. Brian Tunsall of Velsano, Pennsylvania, says his heart was enlarged by serving here.

“The relationships I gained with the staff and children are imprinted on my heart,” says Tunsall, pastor of Believers Fellowship Church. “It was a pleasure to partner with the staff to see God’s kingdom and love come upon the treasured children there.”

A church member called it an honor to serve beside those who may not be famous, but are known by the King of Kings.

“My trip to Guatemala stirred an innate desire for God’s presence to touch every life and soul that I come in contact with,” says Jill Noelle Smith “I saw the power of the Gospel manifest itself in the simplest terms.”

Such comments illustrate another reality—the mission groups showed an impressive spiritual maturity.

Trinity Chapel Mission team

They brought the Word into daily situations, were receptive to receiving God’s direction in various situations, and demonstrated sensitivity to His presence.

Not surprisingly, these groups affected our kids and staff members in many positive ways. They spent valuable time and considerable sums of money to come to Guatemala to spend time with our children. They had a tangible impact on the staff by demonstrating love to our kids, making financial donations, and helping further our mission.

Each group that comes to Dorie’s Promise brings with them God’s presence. This intangible, but very felt love helps to heal and fill the children, making every trip special.

Seeing the realities of life here and stepping out of normal, daily routines helps volunteers appreciate what matters most in life. Many have told us that a trip here is worth it because they are not just spending money—they are investing it in the forgotten children of Guatemala.

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