Student Filmmaker Volunteers Time & Talents

Student Filmmaker Volunteers Time & Talents

By Desi Stephens-

One reason Dorie’s Promise is able to continue providing services to the children of Guatemala is the efforts of numerous mission groups and volunteers who selflessly give of their time and talents.

Those volunteers include Pablo Villagran, a student in telecommunications at Universidad Rafael Landivar, who handles media production for us.

With an eye on one day becoming a filmmaker, he loves capturing the kids on video when they don’t know he’s shooting. Pablo says that leaves them feeling free to play and have fun.

“When I was a kid, I used to watch any kind of movies,” says Pablo, age 20. “My dad bought a camera when I was 14 and I loved it. I felt that shooting and taking pictures was my talent. After that, I learned how to edit them.”

Pablo is not a newcomer to Dorie’s Promise. He first came here at 14 because founder Heather Radu was his neighbor and he became good friends with her son.

After working here during school vacations helping the kids, last July he started shooting video for our “Reach Out Missions” program. Currently he produces sponsorship updates.

“I always wanted to work in a place where I cannot just receive payment and not give anything to help,” he says. “Here at the home I have the opportunity to give love and attention to those kids who need it. And at the same time I’m able to develop my talent.”

It is a joy to work with Pablo, who has been a huge benefit to our office team. His talents in media production make it easier to connect with our supporters in the States. Pablo comes from a busy family. His father is a businessman and his mother works as a housekeeper. He has one brother, who is a chef; and one sister, who just graduated from high school.

Not only has he been able to support FCI with his media knowledge, Pablo loves our children. In doing sponsorship updates, he gets to see firsthand how they are benefiting from being at Dorie’s Promise.

He also gets to watch them grow. And, because he has such a good heart, the kids love him and have reacted positively towards him. We love having the “camera guy” around.

As for Pablo, he especially loves being around the home because of the “special kids” who need extra attention.

“I love to be with them,” he says. “They teach me that I have every reason to be happy and that it doesn’t matter what kind of situation I’m facing. If they are happy with their inability, then why should I worry about life?”