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Hi! My name is Elvis. I came to Dorie’s Promise with my brother Alex and my sister Yohana. I really like it here. I just started school, and my teacher says I learn very fast and am really smart. Painting and talking are my two favorite things to do. I also get to take karate lessons two times a week. I have a really cool bedroom that I share with my brother. My Special Mothers make sure I feel loved. Sometimes my grandfather visits me, which is special because I like spending time with him.

Favorite Things

The Special Mothers says that he follows instructions very well, and his vocabulary is good for his age. He expresses what he likes and dislikes or if he is not agree or disagree. He is very affectionate with everyone he likes to give hugs and kisses to everyone. He likes to eat all kinds of food but especially enjoys our occasional outings to McDonald’s.

Age: 6
January 1st, 2012
Casa 1