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Hi! My name is Mario. I came to Dorie’s Promise when I was 1 week old because my mother has a medical condition and could not care for me. The doctor at Dorie’s Promise diagnosed me with Tourette’s syndrome, which makes it difficult for me in certain situations. I am so excited to go to school, and I have been learning my colors, numbers, and shapes. I like to eat A LOT, go for walks, and play in the backyard, but most of all, I really like to dance.

Favorite Things

Mario is a passionate little guy. If something is bothering him you will definitely know it. He enjoys food, playing with brightly colored objects, going outside in the carriage or for a walk, and watching television. When he listens to music he bobs his head to the rhythm.

Many mission-trippers fall in love with Mario because he is very snuggly and welcomes affection.

Age: 6
April 30th, 2012
Casa 5