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Hi! My name is Abraham. I came to Dorie’s Promise when I was a baby with my three sisters and brother. My home was not safe, and we all needed a place to go where we would be taken good care of and be loved. I like to dance, run, play soccer, and sing with my sisters. I started going to school this year at a Christian school and one of my favorite things to do there is be in plays. I like to be on the stage in front of my family and friends. My Special Mothers are very good to me and I get lots of hugs each day.

Favorite Things

He likes to dance, run around the garden, play ball, and sing with his sisters. He is huggable, affectionate, and likes to giggle and laugh. He loves to pose for the camera, and when he has a question he needs to know the answer now! Many a mission-tripper has fallen in love with this little one. He is 100% all boy.

Age: 8
November 15th, 2009
Casa 5