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My name is Nayeli. I came to Dorie’s Promise when I was 6 years old because of family abuse. I have spent my entire childhood at Dorie’s Promise where I have been loved, supported and disciplined. I am very close to my Special Mothers who have helped me through times of disappointment and struggle. I love the Christian school I go to. I work hard at my studies, my English and my friendships. I love to help out with the babies at Dorie’s Promise and the children here feel like brothers and sisters.

Favorite Things

When not in class, some of Nayeli’s favorite activities include playing basketball and soccer. She likes the competition and physical challenge. She also especially likes getting soaked on splash days! She is very feminine but doesn’t mind jumping in and getting messy whenever fun is involved.

Like most teenagers, Nayeli loves to listen to music. She likes pizza, cheese tacos, candy, and, of course, chocolate! Her favorite color is fuchsia.

Nayeli often spends time with the babies at Dorie’s Promise, holding them and making them laugh and smile. They get excited whenever she comes around. She is appreciated by all the Special Mothers for her helpfulness and how she is always watching out for ways she can support and give. She is especially close to her Special Mother.

Age: 19
January 15th, 1999
Casa 6