What is the minimum amount that can be pledged to sponsor a child?

The minimum monthly sponsorship is $35 per child.  We are always happy to receive sponsorships for amounts exceeding $35 a month.  We appreciate the love and spirit of every gift we receive. If you prefer to give a special gift, you can donate here today.

Will I be the only person sponsoring the child I'm helping?

The total monthly cost for care at Dorie’s Promise is $1,000 per child, and our minimum monthly sponsorship is $35. Thus, each of our children has a family of sponsors who help provide for them each month. We welcome you to join with your friends and family to fully sponsor a child in our home.

Can I sponsor more than one child?

Yes, by sponsoring multiple children you are able to support more children within our home.

Why does it cost more to care for a child at Dorie's Promise than other organizations?

Sponsoring a child at Dorie’s Promise is different than sponsoring a child at most other organizations. Unlike many programs that supplement families to provide educational and nutritional services, we operate an orphan care home. Our children live in our home full-time and do not have families who are able to provide toward any portion of their care. Many of our children will live at Dorie’s Promise until adulthood. Our children receive the quality of care that you would want for your own children: a safe, nurturing environment; healthy, well-balanced meals; and a safe and well-maintained facility. We have trained staff onsite 24 hours a day as well as a staff physician and psychologist. Additionally, each of our children receives individualized educational services designed to best meet their needs. Our standard of care is higher than almost any other orphanage in the world.

How much of my sponsorship is used for overhead expenses of Forever Changed International?

None. 100% of your sponsorship money is used to care for our children in Guatemala. US Overhead costs for Forever Changed International, including the United States staff members, are covered by general donations and generous donors who specifically donate for these expenses.

If I need to discontinue my child sponsorship, what happens to the child I'm helping?

Financial hardship can strike anyone. If you must discontinue your child sponsorship, we will pursue every available avenue in order to replace your contribution.

Will I get to know my sponsored child?

The best part of sponsoring a child in our home is getting to know them and watching them grow. You will receive quarterly updates about your sponsored child that include information about their wellness and growth. If you really want to know your sponsored child, we encourage you to sign up to participate in a short-term mission trip.

Can I communicate with my sponsored child?

Yes.  You can email your child, however because of our small administrative team, please do not expect a response from your child. We will make sure your communication is read to your child in Spanish.

What happens if the child I sponsor leaves Dorie's Promise?

At times the children in our care are transferred to other homes as a result of court proceedings or adoption by Guatemalan families. It is possible your child may leave Dorie’s Promise. If that happens, you will be notified by our staff, and we will work with you to transfer your sponsorship to another child in our home.

If there are 40 children living at Dorie's Promise, why aren't 40 children available to sponsor?

Several children live in our home as short-term foster care placements. They may be awaiting reunification with family or even adoption. Because we aren’t sure how long they will be with us, we don’t offer individual sponsorships for them at this time.

How important is prayer in sponsorship?

The most important support you can provide for our children is prayer. We know that God moves through the prayers of His people, so we consider prayer to be an essential element of our support network. Please pray for your sponsored child’s health, safety, education, and spiritual development. Feel free to involve your family, church, and friends in prayer for that child