Sponsors Make a Difference

Sponsors Make a Difference

Forever Changed International

By Pablo Villagran-

One of our strengths is our sponsorship program, which provides continuing financial support. More importantly, it establishes ongoing relationships between sponsors and children.

Some people decide to become sponsors after a mission trip to Guatemala.

These benefactors often want to spend considerable one-on-one time with their child during a mission trip or other visit. They may have seen the youngsters in videos and photos, but not had the opportunity for “face time.”

Sponsors do all kinds of things with their child. This can be playing in the backyard, doing craft projects, watching TV or—in the case of infants—helping feed them.

Forever Changed InternationalThe kids love this kind of attention, which makes them feel loved. Since the program is relatively new, at this point many of the children are too young to give us feedback. However, I can see that these connections are making a dramatic impact.

Among the children who have been touched by such interaction are Fredy and Estephania, who recently received personal greetings from new friends.

Robin Sarkees and their family have sponsored Fredy since he arrived at Dorie’s Promise last February. They anxiously await quarterly updates and love seeing his beautiful smile in photographs.

These exchanges have helped them learn that some of Fredy’s favorite things are beans, sandwiches, soda, juice and the color purple.

Knowing that they can help provide Fredy with such things as quality medical and dental care, nutritious meals and educational materials is a blessing, Robin says.

“The video that we received melts our hearts,” he comments. “We watch it over and over again, noticing something new each time.

“Our monthly sponsorship means that we may eat out less, take our lunch every day to work and not update our electronics as often as our friends. But by making these simple sacrifices, we are making life-changing differences in his.”

Forever Changed InternationalWhile Peyton Bach isn’t a sponsor yet, she developed a “forever friend” relationship with Estephania during a visit earlier this year with her mother, Beth.

When Peyton returned home she missed the children so much she was sad and felt like crying. Those feelings prompted her to e-mail a note to Estaphania and attach photos, including one of the two of them playing on “Water Day.”

“I also added a drawing for Estaphania because when I was there we drew pictures for each other because we didn’t speak each other’s language,” Peyton says. “I hope to keep in touch with the kids there.”

In the process of adopting their daughter, Marcela; Becky Kurtz and her husband, Paul Kvinta, became sponsors for Ingrid.

The girl came to Dorie’s Promise with three of her siblings. Becky and Paul have enjoyed watching Ingrid’s videos and keeping up with her via our website.

When friends visited Dorie’s Promise this spring, the couple asked them to deliver Ingrid a small gift and photos.

“We hope to find other ways to communicate our support for Ingrid in coming years,” Becky says. “Meanwhile, we hope and pray that Ingrid will be blessed with happiness.”

If you would like to share in the joy and heart-touching experiences that accompany sponsorship, you can send us an e-mail. Or go to our sponsorship page by clicking here.