Sponsor Updates Ready

Sponsor Updates Ready

First of all if you are one of our sponsors we want to say, “Thank you!” You are a part of our team that is integral to what we do. It is essential that as a ministry we are responsible in how we go about funding our home and its growth in order to serve even more children in the years to come.

Sponsors, you can log in now and see the new videos, pictures, art, and written updates.¬† We hope you enjoy this more personal look at the child(ren) you’ve decided¬† to sponsor.

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If you are not a sponsor yet will you consider giving just $35 month to help provide for these precious children? Take a moment to view the children living at Dorie’s Promise and see if God lays one of them on your heart. Like Yire Abraham (pictured,) can’t you tell he’s just a bundle of energy? He’s currently 61% sponsored. Or Mirna, one of our older children, she needs just one more sponsor to be 100% sponsored. Valentina is just a small baby and needs sponsors like you to love and care for her. Those are only a handful of the children living at Dorie’s Promise.

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And once again to all our current sponsors we are exceedingly grateful for your faithful support of these precious little ones.