Everybody Meet Nayeli

Everybody Meet Nayeli

Nayeli is an orphan at Dorie's Promise in Guatemala


Nayeli is an intelligent, affectionate girl with a generous heart. She is often ready to help when a need arises. She is also willing to give to those in need.  Nayeli likes a variety of foods. She enjoys pizza, but also likes soup, crunching on pork rinds, tortillas, and hot sauce. Out of all the colors, pink is her favorite (as you can see in this picture). She likes to play video games on the Nintendo DS, but if she can’t that’s fine. She also loves listening to music and getting soaked on splash days!

She needs you to sponsor her.  Our goal at Forever Changed International is to see every child at Dorie’s Promise sponsored 100 percent.  Nayeli needs your help to get there.  Pray about what you can do this holiday season.  Consider sponsoring her today!

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