Spiritual Changes- part 2

Spiritual Changes- part 2

By Pablo Villagran-

(Second of two parts)

The visit in early August by 12 members of Believer’s Fellowship Church in southwestern Pennsylvania offers a blueprint for every mission team that comes to Guatemala.

First, the team spent considerable time in private prayer.  Every Sunday for three months prior to their departure, the rest of the congregation prayed over each member.

“We also spent time as a team talking about our insecurities in taking such a trip,” says Pastor Brian Tunstall.

“Many of the youth had not been out of the U.S. or on a plane. We were able to talk through that and pray every member into a place of trust in God.”

Director Alejandra Diaz says the results of this preparation were evident during the team’s visit, with our staff and children more receptive to prayer and God’s presence.

This change continues. “We keep walking, knowing that God is taking care of us,” she says. “He came to remind us that it is not because we are good or because we deserve it. It is because of His mercy that He does everything for the good of the ones He loves.”

She sees the whole organization aligned more closely with God now, looking for His direction and how He is moving everything into the right place.

“He is confirming that He does not want us to only be an organization, He wants to be a ministry,” Alejandra says.

Teacher Claudia Roncal has a similar reaction, saying that through the Believer’s Fellowship team, God gave Dorie’s Promise a supernatural hug and prepared us to enter a new phase of missions.

Claudia says God made changes in the organization through the team’s visit, both spiritual and practical. An example of the latter is the student who went from averaging 20 percent of test questions correct to 100 percent. He also suddenly made profound steps in how to read and write with understanding and clarity.

The kids are more emotionally stable and mature, too, which helps them deal with the circumstances that led to them coming to Dorie’s Promise.  

“It has been impressive listening to them and starting to notice how their hearts have been healed from all of those bad experiences,” Claudia says. “With our older children in particular, it has been remarkable how their hearts and minds have been healed.”

Having witnessed all this, I know that these reports are authentic. Not only are the children in better condition, I see more unity among the staff. We are better able to let God guide us in our work and personal lives.

We know that God has great plans for Dorie’s Promise and if we put Him in the middle of everything we do, we can help accomplish His great purposes.

There are many reasons we are thankful, not only to the Believer’s Fellowship team, but to all who have visited Guatemala and maintain ongoing contact.

It doesn’t matter what size your church or community, you can make a difference at Dorie’s Promise. Believer’s Fellowship comes from an unincorporated area of 350 people, and only averages 70 in weekly attendance, but God used them to produce real, positive changes here.

“We are so humbled and grateful to God for making a lasting impact among the people He loves,” Brian says. “We are so happy our paths intersected with the staff at Dorie’s Promise. They are family to us.”

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