So Blessed Being Part of a Mission Team at Dorie’s Promise

So Blessed Being Part of a Mission Team at Dorie’s Promise

I was so blessed being part of the mission team last week at FCI.  I would really love to tell you about it. I did fill out a survey very late our last night but feel I wasn’t able to express my trip the way I wanted to.

First off, I would like to tell you, what a wonderful job you ladies have done here. It was my first mission trip, ever. My name is Debbie, I am a 52 year old mom. My son, Christian, just completed his third trip. I have been intrigued and often wondered, why do people keep returning here to FCI? Why multiple trips? What is the draw? How has it captured their heart in a way that you can’t forget about the kids, special moms, Pablo, Jessica, and Abel, and the rich presence of Jesus that dwells here? NOW I KNOW!!!

The special moms are just that, SPECIAL!!!  The way they love and nurture these children is a lesson for all of us moms. Their love for Jesus is so evident. I loved hearing them teach the kids about him through song all day long and in their devotions.

The children are precious!!! I was amazed with their love and respect for their special moms, each other, and us too!! It’s hard to not want to take them all home.

But, I really need to tell you about the three leaders we had, Pablo, Abel, and Jessica. These three used their God-given gifts to complete a total package!!! I am so amazed by the way each of them led. It was apparent how important each one was in our total experience, they fit together like a glove. They worked well together and we could tell how much they loved each other. God used each of them in a big way this past week.

Let me start with Jessica. What a sweet heart she has! The activities she had planned throughout our trip seemed to be icing on the cake to draw kids together with our group. There wasn’t one time I saw her overwhelmed in her explanation of the projects or her implementation of them. Her kindness & tenderness toward us and the kids was admirable. She blessed my heart in several ways. I realize she’s the new one to the mix, but feel like you hired a gem that fills an appropriate need.

Next, Abel! What can I say about this man that works extremely hard in ALL he does?  He has one speed until things get done and yet, is never rattled. I was amazed by his work ethic, his love of Pablo and Jess, and how he served and loved us, too. This is definitely his God-given gift, as well.

Pablo, spirit-filled, Pablo. This young man is anointed!!! He is the definition of, 1Timothy 4:12, Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but, set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity. He’s the real deal!! The devotions he provided everyday and talks along the way…The Lord’s spirit flowed in and through him. He challenged me, encouraged me, loved me, inspired me.

These three served us (the children of FCI and the people of Guatemala) with ALL their hearts. The time they spent with us and NOT with their own families, is mind boggling to me. They were with us 15-18 hour day! Is this required? I don’t know the answer to that…but, each served us until they felt their job was done, however long that took. NOW I KNOW WHY MY SON HAS RETURNED FOR HIS THIRD TRIP!!! Why pieces to our hearts are often left there…it’s the purest of love…God’s love that lives there, abundant and fulfilling!

Thank you so much for your obedience to this mission of FCI. You are on my prayer list, along with the organization as a whole, children, special moms, Pablo, Abel, Jessica. Praying for discernment as you move forward, vision for the future, and for your need right now. I can honestly say…I left my heart there, too. I am in love with everything about it. May the Lord continue to richly bless you, FCI, and your own families.

Thank you for letting me share what’s on my heart.

Love & Blessings,