Sibling Set Makes Dorie’s Promise Their New Home!

Sibling Set Makes Dorie’s Promise Their New Home!

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On Friday, February 19, 2010, we welcomed a sibling set of four into Dorie’s Promise.

We received a call from Children’s Services asking if we had space for a group of siblings that were desperately needing a place to live.

Heather and I had been talking for weeks about having room within our budget to allow five more babies to become a part of our family here at Dorie’s Promise.  When the call came, I thought, “These must be the children that God planned for us to receive. Not the ages we had planned for, but clearly the children that God wanted to become a part of our family.”

My answer was YES bring them to our HOME!

Two hours later social workers from Children’s Services arrived with a very special sibling group.  The children’s names and ages are as follows:

Ingrid Aracely – 10 years

Ana Patricia – 7 years

Maria Isabel – 2 years


Abraham Moises – 3 months
These children came from a very difficult situation, living in a poor area of the city and suffering unthinkable forms of abuse.

Their mother used to leave them home alone all day.  Sometimes they had food to eat and sometimes they didn’t.  Both Ingrid and Ana show signs of sexual abuse.  We were told by Children’s Services that these children were in an extremely abusive situation and therefore were removed by the authorities.

The children are not talking much at this point.  You can easily see that  10-year-old Ingrid seems to be the mother figure to her siblings. She kept her little brother in her arms until she felt confident we would not hurt any of them.

All the kids are malnourished and have lice.  We asked the oldest girls Ingrid and Ana if they were missing their mom and they said, “No, she doesn’t love us. We do not want to go back home.”

I can’t tell you how excited our team is to welcome new children into our home again.  My hope is that our passion to serve children at Dorie’s Promise will continue to inspire people to give graciously to help our ministry grow.

By becoming a Dorie’s Promise Sponsor you are allowing us the opportunity to give children just like Ingrid, Ana, Maria, and Abraham a place to call home where they are safe and loved.

I know these children’s lives will be forever changed by arriving at our home today.  I have been a part of Dorie’s Promise for more than  five years and have seen firsthand how God’s love and our passion to serve leaves the lives of our children FOREVER CHANGED!

It will be exciting to share with you within the next month how our new arrivals begin to adjust to their new lives here at Dorie’s Promise.

Please be praying for them and us as we begin to help them receive the love and care they need to heal their broken hearts.