Reunited: Manuel de Jesus Heads Home

Reunited: Manuel de Jesus Heads Home

After 18 months at Dorie’s Promise, Manuel de Jesus is home again with his family. Today, we’re celebrating another child’s dream coming true. Last week, we shared about Flor and Mateo’s adoption. This week, we’re highlighting the way strong family bonds overcome obstacles.

With Us For a Short Time

Manuel de Jesu with his Aunt

Many of you may be struggling to place Manuel de Jesus amongst your memories of our children. Arriving just months before we halted short-term missions last year, he didn’t get the opportunity to meet many of our mission trip visitors.

In the fall of 2019, Manuel de Jesus came to our home as a temporary foster placement. The family court needed a placement while they pursued possible family resources for his care. The smiley toddler quickly found his place with Isaias, Carlos, Sebastian, and Santiago. He fit right into the middle of our little boys.

Although you may not know Manuel de Jesus, we can attest to his awesomeness. He’s a sweet boy who loved to make a big mess in the playroom and chase the older boys. He was a perfect addition to our home. Over the last year and a half, we had the distinct privilege of watching him transform from a toddler to a little boy. The little boy who came to us is now in school and loving it.

Heading Home

After facing numerous delays due to the court’s closure last year, Manuel de Jesus is now home again. During the court procedures, his aunt requested custody of him. She has the desire and resources to care for him. He’s home again with family. Who could ask for a better resolution?

We’re happy to share Manuel de Jesus’ happy news of being home again and reunited with his family. After watching his reaction to the news from the family court and seeing him connect with his aunt in person, we’re thankful to be a part of this family’s reunification. Thank you for helping us give Manuel de Jesus and his aunt this opportunity. Your support of Dorie’s Promise allows us to create space for children in need, no matter how long their stay.

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