Prayer Update

Prayer Update


Would you join us in praying for the staff, children, and program at Dorie's Promise? Some specific ways you can join us in prayer are:

·      Pray for the leaders of the mission program.  Ask God to give Joel and Sandra strength and wisdom to guide the groups.

·      Praise God for the new children that we received in may: Kimberly, Nery, Mario and Sandi.

·      Pray for His Holy Spirit to be in our lives. Ask God for his glory and presence in this place. Without his grace we are nothing.

·      Pray for the special mothers. Ask God to fulfill their spiritual and material needs.

·      Praise God for our new backyard. The children now have a better place to play.

·      Pray for the kids that are in school. Ask God to give them wisdom to get good grades at school.

·      Pray for the staff at Dorie's Promise. Ask God to remember them and that we have a purpose in the children´s life and that He will reward our    work. Also, pray to make us more grateful for the jobs that we have.

·      Pray for our Founder. Ask God to give her wisdom to handle the organization.

·      Pray for the teams we are receiving this summer.  Ask God to give Joel and Sandra straight and wisdom to guide the groups.

Forever Changed International is a ministry grounded in prayer.  We believe God listens to the fervent prayers of his people.  Join our prayer team today!  Each week we will make sure you get specific prayer requests and praise items.  Prayer is what drives our ministry forward and we are thrilled you want to join us in this work! Join our Prayer Team Today!