Partners of Hope: Growing Deeper wth Dorie’s Promise

Partners of Hope: Growing Deeper wth Dorie’s Promise

Dorie's Promise Guatemala - Partners of Hope

By Heather Radu –

Being involved with the ministry at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala is a constant blessing. We feel that way, and we know that many of you feel that way as well. We hear reports of tremendous blessings that mission trippers experience, and we also hear about the wonderful connections that people build with our children. While both of those things are wonderful, there are still those who contact us and ask, “how can I be more involved with Dorie’s Promise?” or “how can I help the children a little bit more?”

partners of hopeWe are thrilled to say we have a great new answer for those questions. We are excited to introduce our Partners of Hope program. Partners of Hope will provide Dorie’s Promise, our children, and you with benefits that will grow the ministry and our relationships.

The requirements for becoming a Partner of Hope are very straightforward. The first step is to come see us at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala. Come for a summer mission trip (this year would be a great time)! Once you arrive you will meet—and come to love—our children, which leads to the next step: becoming a sponsor. Just become a monthly sponsor, and get five others to sponsor a child (there is not time limit on this—find other sponsors at your own pace). Next, get twenty new people to come to Dorie’s Promise on a mission trip (no time limit here either). Once you accomplish this mission, congratulations! You are a Partner of Hope.

The things you do to join the Partners of Hope program are a great benefit to us. Once you become a Partner, benefits start coming your way. For instance, A Partner of Hope will always have his or her mission fee waived during any Forever Changed International mission trip. That is almost enough to join on its own!

Become a Partner of Hope today!You will also have a picture bio on our new Partners of Hope webpage. We are excited about your contribution to Dorie’s Promise, and we want people to know about it! Additionally, if anyone contacts Forever Changed International looking for speakers on missions and orphan care, we will be glad to give them your name. After all, you will have demonstrated your dedication to both already! You will also have the chance to represent Forever Changed International at events (we’ll give you a Partners of Hope polo shirt to wear).

We hope you can see why we think the Partners of Hope program is going to be so great. Everyone will be blessed as a result, and we will be able to support our children in ways we hadn’t been able to before. All our connections with each other will be strengthened.

Please pray, and consider joining our Partner’s of Hope program today.