Newest Child Diego

Newest Child Diego

By Desi Stephens

The newest child at Dorie’s Promise came to us Sept. 5 from sad circumstances. We aren’t sure, but we think Diego de Jesus is about 13 months old. We will obtain further information at a court hearing in January.

Diego’s mother was homeless when she gave birth and unable to properly care for him. Finally, she left her son with a former neighbor.

The woman explained to police and a social worker that she couldn’t care for the child either because of her struggles with various health issues. In addition, she said his medical expenses were beyond her budget and she hoped the court could help find him a family.

While this little boy may come from a deprived background, he has been welcomed to our home with open arms! Our Special Mothers are always thrilled when we receive a new child. Each one is a reminder why we continue to serve the people of Guatemala— particularly the most vulnerable.

“Diego was so shy, sad and cried a lot,” says Ismalde Sumale, the Special Mother who has been caring for Diego. “It is amazing how his life changed in one week. He has a clean, comfortable bed, food and the most important thing—love. He is happier now and smiles a lot. He is comfortable with the home and the personnel.”

Though initially kept in an isolation room because of our house rules, Diego already identifies with Ismalde and loves spending time with her.

Sadly, it is common for our orphanage and others in our region to receive children under circumstances where economic resources are lacking. In some parts of Guatemala families face the reality of not being able to feed their children on a daily basis.

A diverse city, Guatemala City has many people living on the margins. Small, locally- owned businesses struggle to survive amid wealthier, overseas investors establishing their influence over the market.

The addition of Diego gives us 37 children in houses 5 and 6. Though as an organization we have the financial resources to operate with 40, one of our biggest needs is for people willing to sponsor a child (go to the sponsorship tab on this site.)

We rely on missions and child sponsorship to continue providing our children with everything they need to grow up into the people God created them to be.

To our supporters: please pray that God will help Diego make a successful transition into Dorie’s Promise. Although he seems to be adjusting and enjoys playing with other children, it is always a shock to a new child coming into an orphanage. Pray that Diego will feel safe and special.