New Teacher

New Teacher

By Desi Stephens

We were thrilled to welcome a new teacher to Dorie’s Promise in mid-August.

Ana Lucia Padilla Fernandez is a native of Guatemala. In recent years she has taught a variety of subjects to children of all ages.

“I firmly believe that as God’s instrument, He places you where you can make a good change,” she says. “I want to be where I can touch lives and complement His perfect work. Children are not just ‘the future,’ they are the seed of hope. They can be guided to be lights or corrupted. The choice is up to us.”

Ana earned her teacher’s certificate in 1997 at the Monte Maria School, operated by the Maryknoll Sisters. After that, she studied architecture for two years and social communication for three years at the Universidad Rafael Landivar.

Among her many experiences is teaching English to children from 2 to 11 years old. Ana also taught fourth and fifth grade students the subjects of math, science, social studies, Spanish and art.

In 2006 she joined the social welfare secretariat of the presidency, where she helped support government homes by working with boys and girls ages 13 to 17.

At Dorie’s Promise she will helping preschoolers prepare them for their formal education, and assisting other children with their homework.

Although the school year ends in mid-October, Ana has prepared an educational plan that runs until December. She believes in a unified educational method that will help children develop necessary learning skills.

“Having a teacher means following a specific educational line,” she says. “Everyone using the same approach—including volunteers—provides more mental stability. If the children receive different methods and ways of learning, they won’t develop the
necessary skills and logic they need to respond to specific situations.”

Ana also plans to help improve internal communications and socialization of each child, the latter through setting goals and helping them where needed.

A single mother who calls her kids “my treasures,” Ana sings in her church’s choir. She loves to write and take pictures; she was a professional photographer for two years. She also likes organizing events and managing social networks.

The thing that impresses Ana most about our orphanage is the stories of each child.

“They didn’t have the best beginning in life,” she says. “But they do have the advantage of sharing a big, clean love with everyone.
“They all deserve the best chance to grow as loved kids, sons and daughters.”

Welcome, Ana. We’re glad you’re here.