New Teacher at Dorie’s Promise

New Teacher at Dorie’s Promise

By Alejandra Diaz-

Two months into Guatemala’s new school year, the children at Dorie’s Promise are excited to be learning under the direction of their new teacher, Claudia Roncal, age 27.

Claudia’s educational background includes certification as a bilingual teacher for elementary grades and studies in psychology, with training in language therapy.

While school didn’t officially start until January, Claudia started working with the children in December.

Although this is her first time teaching in an orphanage, she believes that different work, academic and personal settings prepared her for this position. That included serving as a speech therapist at one of Guatemala’s most prestigious schools and five years working in a social project with children from marginal areas.

“I believe that education is one of the more significant and personal tasks that human can develop,” Claudia says. “It’s the opportunity to accompany children in their process to discover and grow. I think that to create a real educational process, there should be a positive bond as a basis of the teacher-student relationship.”

In the morning, Claudia teaches seven pre-schoolers. In the afternoon she home schools 14-year-old Mirna, as well as supervising homework for older children.

This is the first time for formal instruction for our three and four-year-olds, who learn to adapt to the classroom and how to accomplish different activities.

Among topics they study are colors, numbers and shapes. Claudia has a program set out for the year, divided into different subjects she will emphasize each month.

“Every day I work different areas of the children’s development, especially the skills that are expected for their age,” she says. “The children who live here need the experience to perform in healthy models that show them how to communicate, play, and interact with others.”

I can see how much the youngsters love their classes. Doing different things daily takes them out of their routine. They are learning new rules, how to pay attention to complete various tasks, songs and games.

Claudia’s work represents a huge boost for the staff. We are sure that the children are receiving the quality of learning they need according to their age and personal development.

And, she is the best person to provide older students necessary supervision and help with their homework.

Claudia says the opportunity to work with each child at Dorie’s Promise has shown her how the Lord allows her to imprint memories of love on their lives and become a resource in their development.

“I give infinite thanks to God for this opportunity,” she says. “I have seen that Christ’s words that ‘whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me’ (Matthew 18:5) are real. As He allows me to bless the lives of these children, He blesses me abundantly.”