New Children in Our Home

New Children in Our Home

By Pablo Villagran-

The hallways, classrooms and nurseries at Dorie’s Promise are bustling with activity, thanks to the six new children we have welcomed recently.

Three came from the same family: Maria Jose, Franco, and Hilary, who had been living with relatives. Unfortunately, their extended family was no longer able to care for them.

Maria Jose, 7, is protective of her two younger siblings. She enjoys going to school and does her homework diligently, according to Special Mothers Lorena and Carolina.

“She gets upset if we tell her that she did something wrong, but then she acknowledges it and takes full responsibility,” Lorena says. “She loves to pray and ask questions about Jesus.”

FrancoAlthough he came to us underweight due to of past negligence, five-year-old Franco is a smart boy with a broad vocabulary.

“We are very pleased by how tidy he is,” says Special Mother Diana. “He always leaves his clothes in a basket and likes to combine his outfits. He is a very loving child. He loves to praise the Lord and often asks about how God created us.”

Hillary, 3, enjoys physical activity and playing with toy cars. One of her Special Mothers, Candida, says the little girl constantly worries about food, which may reflect not having enough at her previous home.

“Every time we shower her, she tells about her aunt only giving her showers with freezing water,” Candida says.

Hilary“She likes to participate in our devotionals and go to church. She is a joyful little girl who smiles easily.”

The oldest of our three other newcomers is Jack, 5, sent here by a court order after being sheltered at a government home.

Although he used to avoid physical activity, Jack is now eager to exercise. A healthy size and weight, he is a smart child with good language skills, making it easy for Special Mothers Ericka and Eliza to understand him.

JackThey say like any other child, Jack sometimes throws tantrums, but calms down when they give him a kiss or a hug and explain the situation to him.

“He has done a great job improving his behavior,” Ericka says. “You can tell he is happier now. Jack has learned how to share and is sensitive, loving, and obedient.”

Suffering from malnutrition in a government orphanage, four-year-old Angel also came to us via a court order. When he arrived, the boy cried often and struggled to express himself, but he is improving.

“Angel follows instructions very well and is in the process of learning to dress and undress by himself,” says Special Mother Eliza. “He is loving, sensitive, and happy.”

Our newest resident is four-month-old Dulce, who was abandoned in the hospital and declared adoptable by a court in September.Angel

Just over four pounds when she arrived, Dulce has twice had pneumonia and had to be hospitalized for a week. Thanks to loving care, she is up to almost 7.5 pounds, drinks her bottle better, and is start to babble.

It is always a blessing to receive new children at Dorie’s Promise. If you want to play a part in providing for the care and feeding of these six new children, click here to learn more about our sponsorship program.

(Photos from top: Siblings, Maria Jose, Franco, Hilary, Jack, Angel)