New Children at Dorie’s Promise

New Children at Dorie’s Promise

By Pablo Villagran-

Several children have come to Dorie’s Promise in recent weeks, three of them infants. Sandi, the youngest, was born on April 25.

We don’t know much about this newborn, who arrived here via court order because her birth mother didn’t want her.

The mother’s family didn’t know that she was pregnant and she didn’t want to take the baby home. Despite these terrible circumstances, Special Mother Marleni says Sandi doesn’t cry much.

“She is a beautiful baby,” Marleni says. “She looks normal, although she has had some kind of red point on her eyes, which the doctor will check. She has had trouble taking her bottle because she is not used to sucking, but still manages to drink an ounce and a half to two ounces of liquid per day. We all love her.”

We also recently received Mario, a premature baby who requires more attention from the staff and Dr. Francisco Castro, our medical director; and Nery, who had an infection on his genitals when he arrived.

“I have seen a good development in the way that Mario eats,” says Special Mother Miriam, who watches both boys. “He used to have a hard time drinking from his bottle because he didn’t have enough strength. Thanks to God, he is now drinking three ounces
every day.”

In addition, Miriam says the staff placed a thermometer in Nery’s blanket to insure the temperature remains close to what it would be from his mother’s body.

Miriam says she has seen positive emotional development, with Nery smiling more than when he came to us. She has also seen considerable improvement in his physical condition, including the healing of his genital infection.

“We are in shock over the amount of food he is eating,” she says. “He drinks seven ounces of food every day.”

Our most recent arrival is six-year-old Kimberli, who came to us May 25 by court order because her older brother had reportedly abused her. We are awaiting further word on legal status.

Director Alejandra Diaz asks that supporters pray for all of these children, especially newborn Sandi.

She asks that people pray the staff will be able to meet Sandi’s needs for love and a search by Social Services for a relative who will be willing to care for the girl.

“Each time we accept new children, it is a commitment to them—and to God—that we as an organization and as people are going to look for the best way to give them the best care we can,” Alejandra says.

“However, we cannot do it alone. We need all kinds of support to be strong enough to do it. And, to have the needed resources to keep them with for as much time as is necessary, even if that means staying here while they grow up.”