New Child Angel

New Child Angel

By Ken Walker-

The newest resident of Dorie’s Promise is also the youngest in the home’s history. Angel Gabriel came to the orphanage as a three-day-old infant, born to a teenage mother who wanted to give up her child for adoption.

The story of her arrival in mid-September sounds like a suspense novel, the transfer taking place late at night on a cold, rainy evening.

An agency called PGN tried to persuade the mother to keep her baby and set up an appointment for her to talk with a social worker. Even after that meeting, the mother insisted that she would not be able to care for Angel.

In turn, the agency was able to arrange an emergency court hearing, allowing her to abandon her child to the Guatemalan court system. That afternoon Director Alejandra Diaz talked to PR Director Desi Stephens and asked if she would help PGN receive a newborn that was just brought into court.

“She shared with me that it wouldn’t be till later that evening and I told her that would not be a problem,” Desi says.

However, when Alej called at 9 o’clock to check on the situation, the baby still hadn’t arrived.

Finally, around midnight Desi met the social worker and the birth mother. As they sat in the PGN van, Desi signed the court document stating that Angel was in their custody.

“He was so tiny and precious,” Desi says. “The social worker said, ‘I know he will have a good home here and that he will be taken care of.’

“However, I will never forget the image of the birth mother, looking at me as I took the newborn away, a ghostly, haunting look on her face—as though she were numb and could not express any feelings.”

Newborns can be more challenging, since they need more attention and care, including a full medical report to make sure the child is healthy.

Still, the staff is delighted to have Angel. “I like to see that he enjoys his bath time,” says Miriam Morales, his Special Mother. “I love having him in my arms, as he is taking his bottle. He looks so peaceful. I thank God for this precious little life, and pray that God will protect him.

With Angel, there are now 37 children at the orphanage, just shy of its capacity of 40.

Supporters are asked to pray that God will continue to give Angel good health, that he will know his life has value, and that he will know God has a perfect plan for him.

“Another way our supporters can help him is by making a general donation to the home on our website,” Desi says. “Help us continue to provide the children of Guatemala with the services they need.”