Nayeli’s Story

Nayeli’s Story

Forever Changed International - Dorie's Promise Orphan Care


When you enter house five of Dorie’s Promise you are greeted by the Special Moms that help take care of the new born babies and our toddlers.  Their job is by no means an easy task.  Babies have their own schedules and toddlers can humble even the most seasoned parents.

Nayel at Dorie's Promise GuatemalaOne of the little ones here has touched my life this past month.  Nayeli is a shy but affectionate once she feels safe.  She is one of the most adorable children I’ve ever met!

Nayeli’s case is not unusual for Guatemala or any other part of the world.  Her biological mother and father could not keep her as they were struggling just to provide enough income for themselves.  They made the tough decision to give her up so she could have a better life.

God brought little Nayeli to Dorie’s Promise when she was about 7 months old.  Her progress in her time here has been amazing.  She has been able to make secure attachments with our Special Moms and it has been a joy to watch to her grow and thrive.

This past spring the court allowed a family relative to have custody of  Nayeli.  We were saddened to see her go.

Little did we know… the placement with the family relative would not last long.  She was with her family for one month.  When Nayeli came back to Dorie’s Promise this May, her eyes were filled with fear and pain.

We believe during her time with her family that some type of abuse took place as she was now struggling to interact with the Special Mom’s and children in the home.

But her life is being forever changed as the Special Mom’s have been able to help Nayeli adjust.  This is never an easy process for children that come from painful and abusive backgrounds.  Our Special Mom’s our truly fulfilling the Gospel, through watching, protecting, caring and loving, and teaching the children.Nayel at Dorie's Promise for Forever Changed International

In the mornings before I meet with a Mission Group visiting Dorie’s Promise, I love to walk down to the house and wait for her to call me “Momma.”  Nayeli always brightens up my day.  I know when a day becomes chaotic that I can count on a hug from her.

It is my prayer that you will continue to support the children of Dorie’s Promise.  Little ones like Nayeli need all the love and support we can give them.  Always remember it is your love, prayers, and financial support that keeps Dorie’s Promise going.  Thank you for that!