Forever Changed International invites you to serve in Guatemala with us.

When you become a part of our team, we can do so much more to change lives.  Whether you are a youth pastor looking for a place to take your teens or a father wanting to share the experience of serving with your wife and kids, our missions program is for you!

Join a Team – Prescheduled Trips

Adoptive Families Visit Dorie’s Promise 


You will meet new people from all over the United States who share your passion to serve. Click here to check out our missions schedule and find out more about our upcoming trips. 

Adoptive Families:

Many adoptive parents of children who have been adopted from Dorie’s Promise and/or Guatemala have enjoyed bringing their children back to their native country to serve. We think it is important to offer a trip each year that allows adoptive parents to travel and serve together with their children. You can find the schedule for these trips by clicking here.

Take Your Group – Book a Week with Us Today!

Missions Missions

Church Groups:

Think about getting together with other Christians from your congregation and visiting us as a team of adults ready to be forever changed through service. If you are a men’s ministry looking to sink your teeth into a building project or a women’s group that is passionate about sharing hope with those is need, this is the trip for you!

Youth Groups:

Many youth leaders bring their teens to serve with us. Seeing how God can use them to serve others in His name can have a life-altering impact. We welcome teens within a youth group ages 14 and older.

College Students:

If you are a college age student who is passionate about serving orphans, then it is time for you to get your friends together and join us for a trip that will forever change your life.  


Getaway Trips:

We have families and friends who like to come and visit with us for one to three days after or before they vacation in Guatemala. If space is available, we are able to design a schedule for you to help out at Dorie’s Promise while staying in our guest house. 

Family Time Trips:

What better way to bond with your children than to participate in a week-long mission trip as a family? Based on availability, we are able to customize a trip that you and your children will never forget.