After serving with us, people return home inspired.

They can’t wait to encourage friends and family to become passionate about serving the world’s forgotten children through missions.

That this was the most rewarding trip our family has taken. That the  culture is so incredibly warm and loving. - Michael Moran

I would share that Forever Changed International was a life changing trip for me, and if they want the experience of a lifetime, they should take their trip through FCI. - Mckena Christian

Its good for us to experience such harsh conditions and serve humbly. The people we met everywhere were pure gift. The two days of work were good. The third day with the cemetery felt very heavy and I almost wish we could have  done that earlier but I’m sure there’s good reason for it. - Denise Walsh

The coordination is incredible. Where the money is going is transparent. The place we stayed and visited is safe and the ghetto communities are welcoming. Prayer, which is necessary, is provided to everyone we interact with. The kids are adorable and the special moms are strong and beautiful. - Keith Ludeker

The vision is that Dorie’s can help empower the people they are helping to help themselves and to grow, get and education, etc. The point isn’t just to make people dependent on Dorie’s. But Dorie’s knows that first there must be TRUST and consistency before those things can happn. I thought at first the name "Forever Changed"  was ambitious. But it was a reality. I am truly changed forever. - Melissa McQuillen

Further Testimonials

Heather Barnes

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Henry Bond

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Sue Curren

Seeing Ghetto life through the eyes of children sparked Sue’s passion for Guatemalans in need. (Read more about Sue’s love of orphans in Guatemala)

Carolyn Emmert

Carolyn’s small town life will never be the same after experiencing prison ministry in Guatemala City.  (Read more of Carolyn’s short term missions journey)

Alexandra Graziano

Alexandra’s team came to bring help to those in need, but didn’t anticipate how the people of Guatemala City would minister to them! (Read about how God Forever Changed Alexandra)

Emily Nicholson

God’s glory and his love change Emily’s life as she comes to know the people of Guatemala. (Read more about what kept Emily coming back to Dorie’s Promise)