God calls us to serve people and children in need, and there are many ways of serving.

Everyone has a different calling and serves in unique ways. Many people cannot take time off or feel insecure about traveling abroad on a short-term mission trip. However, they may well be more than willing to support someone who is called to overseas missions. There is only one way to find out – ASK.

You are here today because you are excited about missions. Your excitement should be contagious. Use your passion to inspire others to commit financially to helping you raise the needed funds to serve in Guatemala.

Below are some pages that will help you get started raising support for your trip.

It’s Not About You

Where to Start

Writing a Support Letter

Through commitment and prayer, you will find the way to raise the funds needed to serve with us. If you have any questions about how you can raise funds, please contact Naomi Beazely.