Meet Valentina – Sponsor Her Today

Meet Valentina – Sponsor Her Today

Dorie's Promise Guatemala

By Arwen McGilvra-

Valentina Playing - Dorie's Promise GuatemalaValentina came to us after having been found on the streets in a tough condition. She had skin lacerations all over her body and suffered from poor nutrition. In addition, pediatricians at the hospital diagnosed her with pneumonia. Thankfully, she is stable now.

Valentina has been developing well. She is now almost a year old and has learned a lot of new tricks. She is a smiley little one who loves being held. Her development has been incredibly fast and shows no lingering effects from the pneumonia she had when she was found.

Doctor says her progression is really good and that she is growing into a healthy little girl. She is the joy of several special mothers and has won the hearts of a lot of mission teams. She has also been able to socialize well with all the other children at Dorie’s Promise.

Special mother Janet says, “When she sees you the first thing she does is smile. She can sit all by herself and can also clap. She has more teeth, has gained more weight, and is moving around, even crawling, in order to reach for the toys in front of her. She enjoys outings, and has learned to hold her own bottle.”

“She is very smart, busy discovering new things,” special mother Mimi says of Valentina, “and she loves to be tickled.”

Valentina also likes to play peek-a-boo. She is not a picky eater — she enjoys all kinds of food.

Valentina at Dorie's Promise GuatemalaWe are really delighted to have her with us and glad we can take care of her, especially after her rough start in life. We thank her sponsors for being part of her life and her recovery. It’s sponsors that help us provide not only a roof over her head and the meals she eats, but also medical care and someone to hold her, love her, and, most of all, help her experience God’s love.

Valentina is currently 77 percent sponsored. Will you pray about helping her reach 100%? Child sponsorship is the most stable and secure way to support Dorie’s Promise, and we are working hard to make 100 percent sponsorship a reality. With your help we can do that!

Sponsor Valentina today!

There is a way for everyone to help. If you are unable to sponsor her you can join our prayer team, or share this with your friends and family. Maybe your church group can work together to sponsor a child, or you can hold a fundraiser and give Dorie’s Promise a one-time offering. However, you choose to be involved, know that you are being a blessing to an orphan in need.