Meet Brandon – Dorie’s Promise Guatemala

Meet Brandon – Dorie’s Promise Guatemala

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By Arwen McGilvra & MJ Zelaya –

Brandon has been living at Dorie’s Promise since 2007. His mother couldn’t take care of him after Brandon’s biological dad passed away. Times were hard financially, and, because of the lack of economic resources, she decided to give him up for adoption.

Brandon playing on the playsetBack then, the adoption process lasted seven months to one year; but the law has since changed and now Brandon’s case is stuck in the government office, under investigation. We are praying for his case and for his adoptive family who is waiting to close the adoption and be reunited.*

Brandon is a handsome boy who can be restless and curious like many kids his age.

He loves to attend school — so much so that he cries if he isn’t able to go, like during a break or because he’s ill. It’s so wonderful to see him so attached to his education. He has learned many things in school and through the therapy he received. Medical care has greatly improved his hearing problem, and so his language skills have improved as well. It has made Brandon more of an outgoing, clever, happy boy.

He loves to play with cars, superheroes and toys and enjoys football. His favorite color is red, and he enjoys all kinds of food.

If Brandon wouldn’t have received the medical care, therapy, and education through our home, his life would be so different! That’s why we do what we were called to do: changing one life at a time!

You can help us continue to make that difference in Brandon’s life. Sponsoring one of our children provides them so much more than just their day-to-day needs. It provides them with safety, food, shelter… but most of all it allows them to grow up in a loving environment where they can be all that God intends for them to be.

*NOTE: International adoptions in Guatemala closed in 2008.