Matt Sandusky

Matt Sandusky

By Pablo Villagran-

Second of two parts

No sooner had Taylor Potts returned home than Matt Sandusky arrived in Guatemala to spend five weeks here as a summer missionary.

A resident of Princeton, Indiana, this is his third visit over the past year. Matt joined us June 30 and will be here until August 4.

His goal is similar to Taylor’s: to pitch in and help wherever his services are needed.

Matt made his first trip here in July of 2011 with Bethel Memorial Church. He returned last December with another member to deliver a host of Christmas presents to the children, our Special Mothers, and residents in the ghetto.

“A bunch of things attracted me to Dorie’s Promise,” Matt says. “The first reason was the kids. They are some of the coolest people ever. Another is the missions coordinators.”

A recent high school graduate, this young man’s visit to Guatemala is the first of two overseas trips planned for the coming year. After leaving us, Matt will spend nine months with a program sponsored by the mission group, Score International.

From September until next May, Matt will spend most of his time in Costa Rica. He will study Spanish, the Bible and the culture while completing missionary activities.

“The program tries to show young people what being a missionary for a long period of time is like,” Matt says. “I hope to come out of it being able to speak Spanish fluently, and knowing what God wants me to do.”

Besides missionary service, a career in animal science or agriculture are possibilities.

Whichever path he chooses, he hopes to stay in contact with Dorie’s Promise for many years.

“This orphanage has done amazing things to my life,” Matt says. “I don’t know what it would be like to not know about Dorie’s Promise and the people who live and work there.”

One thing he appreciates about Dorie’s Promise is the ways in which we reach out to other communities even though we lack the financial resources to do all we would like.

“I get a lot out of helping out here,” Matt says. “I can’t fully explain it, but something just feels right when I am here, spending time with the kids and going into other communities to help people there.”

When missionaries visit for more than a week, it is a blessing because our staff has time to get to know them and work together as a team.

Taylor was the first person who stayed for more a week. She gave a lot to our program with her willingness to help staff members and the Special Mothers. We saw her playing and smiling with our kids, which makes us happy.

Matt has given much to our organization, including the Christmas presents he helped deliver last December.

His name comes up often in staff meetings because of his heart for Guatemala’s forgotten children. With volunteers like these, we can’t go wrong!