Surprise Sponsorship Match

Surprise Sponsorship Match

By Heather Radu-

Every week you read their stories and see their faces—so precious, innocent, and in need of support. They need a home, which is what children find at Dorie’s Promise.

We are much more than an orphanage that puts a roof over their heads and feeds them three meals a day.

In our home children find love, help from trained professionals, education, and medical care. Most importantly, their Special Mothers extend emotional, physical and spiritual support.

Our sponsors and donations from friends like you have kept Dorie’s Promise going for 11 years. We praise God that we have always been able to meet children’s needs and cover operational costs.

Yet all too often that support has come through special gifts. Relying on these kinds of donations leaves us in a vulnerable position. To operate more effectively, we need stable, reliable financial funding.

Given the economy and continuing high unemployment, you may wonder how you can help. The answer: become a monthly sponsor for a child.

For $35 a month, you can make a huge impact. Right now is the perfect time because a ministry friend will MATCH each new child sponsorship between now and Dec. 31.


Sponsor a child at Dorie's Promise Guatemala


Of course, you aren’t limited to $35. A gift of $50 or $75—or more—will double through this matching grant. With less than 55 percent of our children covered by sponsorships, this is an incredible opportunity to make a difference.

Sponsoring a child means more than giving money, though. We hope you will give something of yourself by establishing a personal relationship.

Siblings at Dorie's Promise Guatemala - Forever Changed International“To see the joy and excitement of the children once they receive a letter or gift in the mail from the supporters is so touching,” says sponsorship coordinator Desi Stephens.

“It reminds us that people from the States so believe in our mission to serve the world’s forgotten children. For our children, it reinforces the idea they have value—not just because of material possessions, but through loving relationships.”

Child sponsors are valuable because they help us cover so many expenses. This program enables us to provide the services God has called us to offer so we can bring hope to a broken world.

There are several ways you can help: 1) become a sponsor, 2) if sponsoring a child, consider adding a second, 3) host a Christmas party for Dorie’s Promise; e-mail to get an instructional sheet, 4) give a one-year sponsorship as a gift. E-mail me I will help you set up this lasting gift.

Whatever you do, let us know today. The need is urgent and the time is short.