Life-transforming Trip

Life-transforming Trip

By Alejandra Diaz-

A mission trip to Dorie’s Promise can be life-transforming. Just ask Linda Taylor, a homemaker from a farming community in Canada, who visited in December with her youngest son, Stephen.

It was the first mission trip ever taken by the member of Grace Baptist Church in Sunderland, Ontario.

Linda and her son joined six other people from the U.S. They helped lay sod in the backyard, spent time with the children and helped children in the ghetto. Linda also taught girls at a state-run orphanage to make a Christmas poster using finger paints.

“The trip has helped me to see how unimportant accumulation of material possession is,” Linda says. “Being on the mission trip has increased my desire to preach the gospel.”

Building relationships with the children here warmed her heart. She says the kids and Special Mothers were so open and loving that she found it easy to fit and help in various capacities.

Her first day, little ones were already calling her “Mommy.” Linda was particularly touched by her interaction that week with Alex, who requires a wheelchair.

“He had such a beautiful smile and his eyes would light up as I talked and sang to him,” Linda says. “One day, Lester, a three-year-old boy, took my hand and directed me to him. Lester put his hand on Alex and rubbed his tummy, which made Alex laugh. That was such a loving thing for a little boy to do.”

Another highlight came during their trip to the ghetto. After sharing their lunch with a family living there, they walked along a path, handing out candies and supplies to children.

Suddenly, Linda lost her footing and fell. Immediately, two members and children from the ghetto surrounded her.

As she looked up, a young boy with concern on his face extended his hand, offering the Tootsie Roll she had just given him.

“Knowing how much a candy means to a child like this, I was deeply moved by his expression of love,” Linda says. “It reminded me of the verse that ends, ‘And a little child shall lead them.’”

Best of all, Linda knows she was in God’s will every day they were in Guatemala. Reflecting on her experience, she says her trip helped her to put others’ needs first and taught her the importance of prayer.

“When we visited the ghetto and prayed with four different families, the presence of the Lord was so near,” Linda recalls. “I am so thankful for this mission trip.”

Our goal for participants this year is 300. Nearly 260 have signed up thus far. If you would like to help reach that goal and have the same kind of experience Linda did, e-mail us today.