Day 1:   Bienvenido! Welcome to Guatemala. 

Your trip begins when you arrive at La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City.  Upon arrival, you will be greeted by your Guatemalan Trip Leader.  Our guesthouse is located a short drive from the airport in a gated community on the same property as our Orphan Care home, Dorie’s Promise.  We ask that you arrive after noon local time. Your evening will be spent unpacking and sorting your donations. Dinner will be served for all teams arriving before 10 pm.

Day 2: Meet the Children of Dorie’s Promise

Each day starts with a breakfast buffet. Day 2 activities begin with an orientation and facility tour.  We will then head to our local church with the children of Dorie’s Promise. Afterward, we will have lunch at the guesthouse and spend the afternoon on a special outing.

Day 3:   Learn about the History and Reality of Guatemala

We firmly believe our visitors are impacted most when they approach their trip through the lens of learning. Guatemala's history is complicated - a mix of rich indigenous history, heavy Spanish influence, and modern international aspiration.

As a team, we'll spend the day traveling throughout Guatemala City and embracing the various angles shaping modern Guatemala. Teams begin by touring a local museum where guides illuminate lesser knowledge details about the Mayan culture. After participating in a museum workshop, we'll cross-cross the city and highlight important institutions that shape Guatemala's history. Teams travel through multiple zones and witness the vast economic disparity plaguing the city. 

Day 3's tour is designed to show team members the reality of life within Guatemala City and vast gap between poverty and power.

After returning to Dorie’s Promise each afternoon; you will be involved in different activities with our children. Some groups prefer to organize their own special activities, while others count on us to have activities ready to go. Either way, it will be a wonderful afternoon getting to know and play with the children of Dorie’s Promise.

Days 4 and 5:   Serving Rural Families in Crisis

Today, you will travel about an hour outside of the city to work with families matched with your team before you left for Guatemala. The families we work with are at risk of being separated due to the poverty they are experiencing. These projects help families stay together and provide their basic needs—food, shelter, water, and clothing.

Previous projects have included: building homes and kitchens, installing stoves, small repairs, delivering water filters, pouring new concrete floors, and updating community facilities.

Before leaving, you’ll have the opportunity to present your projects and donations to the families you served.

    Day 6:   Enjoy the Beauty of Guatemala

    You’ll also spend time enjoying the beauty of Guatemala. Team Leaders will work with our Missions Coordinator to schedule an enjoyable experience for your team. Some options may include:

    Day 7:   Adios Amigos!  Thank you for serving with Us

    We hope you leave Guatemala FOREVER CHANGED by the work you did and the people you met. Thank you for serving with us. Our staff will transport you to the airport for your return flight. All teams will be taken to the airport by noon.