Day 1:   Bienvenido! Welcome to Guatemala. 


Your trip begins when you arrive at La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City, Guatemala.  Upon arrival, you will be greeted by your Guatemalan trip leader.  Once all members have arrived, we will drive to our guesthouse which is located in a gated community on the same property as our Orphan Care home, Dorie’s Promise.  We ask that you arrive after 3 pm local time. Your evening will be spent unpacking and sorting the donations that you bought for the various places you will visit. Dinner will be served for all teams arriving before 10 pm.


Day 2:   Find out why the Children of Dorie’s Promise are so special to us


Dorie’s Promise, Orphan Care home, is a special place. For over nineteen years we have given our children the transformational care they deserve.


Each day you will have a breakfast buffet prepared for you.  You will want to eat lots in the morning for maximum energy as each day of your experience is packed full of activities. If you are traveling with a church group, most church leaders will plan for a morning devotion shortly before or after breakfast.  Day 2 begins with an orientation about what to expect throughout the week as well as an overview of the history of Forever Changed International and our work at Dorie’s Promise.  We will then head to our local Church with the children of Dorie’s Promise aboard our Forever Changed buses. After church, we will have lunch back at the guest house and then spend the afternoon taking our children on a special outing.  Each evening concludes with a group debrief of the day’s activities.


Day 3 & 4: Service Projects for rural families in need of a helping hand


After breakfast, you will meet our Community Outreach Director.  She will give you a brief orientation of our family preservation program as well as your specific project outline for the next two days. You will then travel about an hour outside of the city to work with the families that were pre-assigned to your team before you left for Guatemala. The families that we work with are at risk of being separated due to the poverty they are experiencing. When crisis persists for families, children are often left to fend for themselves on the streets or end up in a government-run orphanage.


Get ready to be hands-on as you help meet some of the physiological needs of each family.  The goal of our family preservation program is to help families stay together and have their basic needs met. Food, shelter, water, clothing and a warm place to sleep.


Once back at Dorie’s Promise in the afternoon; you will be involved in different activities with our children.  Some groups traveling with us prefer to set up their own special activities, while others count on us to have all activities ready to go.  Either way, it will be a wonderful afternoon getting to know and playing with the children of Dorie’s Promise.


Day 5:  Serving families in crisis that call the Guatemalan Garbage dump home


Many impoverished families living in Guatemala City make their living scavaging through the garbage dump for something to sell, while their children end up begging on the street for just cents a day.  These families sleep in the garbage dump in makeshift homes built with scrap metal and cardboard.


Forever Changed has partnered with two life-changing ministries that have been serving the children and families of the garbage dump for over twenty years. We believe in their dedication to serving families in crisis and are excited to share their ministries with you.  Your first stop will be Potter’s House.  Potter’s House is an evangelical ministry that daily shares the love of Christ with those that they serve. When you arrive you will tour their facilities to learn more about how they save lives daily.  You will have the option of delivering food baskets to families in need and/or serve lunch to the children they care for. Next, you will visit Safe Passage.  Safe passage educates, feeds, supports and enables families and children to rise above the poverty they were born into. While there you will be able to see a birds-eye view of the garbage dump and the people who daily call it their home. You will also get a chance to learn more about Safe Passage and purchase jewelry that the women who once lived in the dump are now making to support their families.


You will return to Dorie’s Promise in the afternoon and have activity time with our children.  For dinner tonight you will experience a local Guatemalan restaurant.


Day 6:  Experiencing the beauty of Guatemala!


You will work with our Missions Director, Naomi Beazely before you leave to determine which sightseeing option is best suited for your team.  Here are some of the options:



Day 7:  Visit a Government-run Orphanage


Government-run orphanages have a high child to caregiver ratio and are therefore unable to meet the needs of the many children in their care. You will have the opportunity to see firsthand what life is like for a child that lives in a government-run facility.  Mission teams are usually the only visitors that these children get to interact with other than their caregivers.  We will have an activity planned for you to do with the children which will either be a craft or a sporting activity.  These children truly appreciate the love and compassion that our teams share with them.


When you arrive back at Dore’s Promise, you will find out how you can continue to support Forever Changed when you arrive home.  Our Sponsorship Coordinator will share with you how our child sponsorship program supports our children’s lives. Without our sponsors, we would not be able to provide the holistic care that each of the children at Dorie’s Promise receives.


After dinner, you will spend your last evening with our staff and children celebrating all your new friendships in the backyard with a special Guatemala fiesta!


Day 8: Adios Amigos!  Thank you for serving with Us


We hope that you leave your experience with us FOREVER CHANGED by the work you were able to do and the families and children you were able to show love and compassion to. Our driver will be taking all participants to the airport throughout the morning.  We ask that everyone plans their flight to leave no later than noon.