Guest Blog: Are Short Term Missions Trips Worth It?

Guest Blog: Are Short Term Missions Trips Worth It?

Rob TuckerBy Rob Tucker of The Skipping Stone

On Saturday, I will be heading to Ethiopia for the 4th time.  But, it will be the first time for my oldest, Christina. I am finding myself very excited to join her on her first missions trip, and also a bit nervous about it. The village we are working in is primitive, and it will be eye-opening for her to say the least. I have found myself praying more for what God will do in Christina’s life than for my own. I truly want her to have the kind of life-altering experience that I have had from missions.

A life-altering experience.  Is that too much to ask?


There are a number of benefits from taking a short term missions trip.  If you’ve never been on one, it may be time for you to go! Here are 10 reasons to consider a short-term trip:

  1.     You get your eyes opened to the dire needs of the world outside the U.S.
  2.     You get to feel for a people group beyond just hearing the experiences of someone else.
  3.     You get your hands dirty with the work of global ministries, helping a local people group do something amazing.
  4.     You get to represent Jesus for people who may not know him.
  5.     You get to be a servant to people who are not used to being served.
  6.     You get to make friends with beautiful people who don’t look like you.
  7.     You get more grateful, realizing all of the blessings you now take for granted.
  8.     You get more open to speaking about your faith in everyday life.
  9.     You get to obey Jesus’ command to make disciples of all the nations.
  10.     And for me, I get to have the joy of sharing a trip with my firstborn child.

Have you been on a trip?  What did you gain from it?

About Rob: Rob is a young adults pastor in PA, and leads a service called Liquid Tuesdays. He's married to what he calls his "perfect fit", and they have 4 energetic kids. You can read more about Rob on his blog  The Skipping Stone where he share thoughts about "Faith, Family and Fatherhood."