God Provides A Forever Family for Sheily

God Provides A Forever Family for Sheily

Sheily with her Forever Family

By MJ Zelya –

Baby Sheily at 3-4 months old.

Sheily at about 3-4 months old, at Dorie’s Promise.

During life you experienced many stages, that you are probably not prepared for, especially when it comes to saying goodbye. It is difficult because it’s hard letting go of what we love so much.

This month we were notified by the CNA (the Central Authority, in Guatemala the agency in charge of adoption*,) that there was a family interested in adopting Sheily (Age 2.)

In Guatemala it is really difficult to find families that want to adopt children*.  There are precious few families who adopt, and if they adopt, the child has to be healthy and in perfect condition, which makes it harder for the CNA to find a family that fulfills all the requirements.

We thought this would be the case with Sheily, because she has been diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome and attention deficit disorder (ADD.) But after a week of visits Sheily wanted to go home with her new family.

We know that God hears our prayers and that is a perfect plan for each of our children and everything is done in His time.

Sheily was so happy with the visits and the opportunity to spend  time with this family. We knew that this was an opportunity from God.

Every time a new child comes to Dorie’s Promise we are full of joy, and even though we know that the environment where they came from was full of  sadness, we are excited by what God is going to do.

Sheily with her adoptive mother during one of their visits.

Sheily with her adoptive mother during one of their visits.

When Sheily came to Dorie’s promise that in  September of 2013, she was a very small baby, that had been found abandoned in the street. She experienced chronic malnutrition, anemia, and a growth deficit. I remember that even after months with us she was still the same size and height. Her development was slow and it was difficult to get her to a normal weight for her age. After several studies our Pediatrician, Dr. Castro, determined that she suffered from a growth deficiency and fetal alcohol syndrome which can cause smaller height and speech delays.

During the initial investigation her biological parents appeared to be homeless, alcoholics and drug addicts.  Through the court process they never reappeared and the Minor’s court declared Sheily adoptable.

Meanwhile, Sheily was getting healthier, gaining weight, and improving her mobility with the help of the health support from Dr. Castro and the stimulation from the Special Mothers as part of her care plan.

It was with tears in the eyes that we said goodbye to Sheily this week. Yet our hearts were happy because Sheily has the opportunity to grow up in a forever family that will love and care for her as she deserves.

We thank God for the opportunity he gave us to care for her and for the moments that she filled us with joy, laughter, and her many hugs.

* International Adoption from Guatemala closed in 2008